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College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering
Zhejiang University

Prof. Sha’s group engages in theoretical and computational research in electromagnetics, focusing on multiphysics and interdisciplinary research. The research topics are inspired by applications in several areas including solar energy, 5G/6G communication, emerging electronics, optical detection/imaging, and quantum information/measurement. Our “EM Plus” research involves fundamental and applied aspects in multiphysical electromagnetics, nonlinear electromagnetics, mesoscopic electromagnetics, quantum electromagnetics, topological electromagnetics and computational electromagnetics.  Specific topics of recent interest include:

  • inverse design
  • augmented reality
  • artificial intelligence
  • terahertz generation
  • atomic radio science
  • single photon source
  • thin-film photovoltaics
  • mm-wave monolithic ICs
  • low-dimensional materials
  • photonic topological insulators
  • electromagnetic information theory
  • multiphysics model of optoelectronic chips

Photovoltaic Device Simulation and Design Platform is Available at:  http://www.solardesign.cn/

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Talented Undergraduates, Master's Students, PhD Students, Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars are welcome to join us.