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College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University

Compressive Sensing

1.  Orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm for compressive sensing.  M-file Download  Introduction to compressive sensing (In Chinese)

2.  The physics of compressive sensing and the gradient-based recovery algorithms, research report, Dai I. Qi and Wei E.I. Sha. The report has been published in http://arxiv.org/abs/0906.1487

3.  Random sampling using Shannon interpolation and Poisson summation formulae, research report, Xiao Z. Wang and Wei E.I. Sha. The report has been published in http://arxiv.org/abs/0909.2292

4.   Compressive sensing for image using wavelet transform and orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm (measurements in both space domain and wavelet domain areprovided).  M-file Download

5.  Compressive sensing for image using total variation minimization (both Fourier-domain sampling for magnetic resonance imaging and spatial-domain random sampling are provided).  M-file Download 

6.  Compressive sensing for image using a fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm (wavelet as the sparsifying transform; Fourier-domain sampling for magnetic resonance imaging and radon transform as measurements for tomography).  M-file Download

7.  Compressive sensing using parallel coordinate descent algorithm (a redundant dictionary constructed by various wavelet transforms and discrete cosine transform are employed for image inpainting).  M-file Download



1.  Mallat algorithm for 1-D wavelet transform.  M-file Download

2.  Mallat algorithm for 2-D wavelet transform.  M-file Download

3.  À trous algorithm for 1-D stationary wavelet transform.  M-file Download

4.  An interesting demo for generating scale function using mask (cascade) algorithm.  M-file Download

5.  Average interpolation using cubic B-spline wavelet.  M-file Download

6.  Subdivision interpolation using cubic B-spline wavelet.  M-file Download

7.  Denoising program using wavelet transform and cycle-spinning.  M-file Download

8.  Edge detection for 2-D image using wavelet maxima.  M-file Download

9.  Singularity detection for 1-D signal using wavelet maxima.  M-file Download

10.  Demo for vanishing moment.  M-file Download

11.  Generating wavelet function using two-scale dilation equations.  M-file Download

12.  A useful M function for lifting scheme.  M-file Download

13.  1-D continuous wavelet transform code.  M-file Download

14.  2-D wedgelet transform using top-down quadtree decomposition.  Exe File Download

15.  2-D multi-wavelet construction and implementation.  M-file Download

16.  1-D signal denoising by multi-wavelet and cycle-spinning.  M-file Download


Computational Electromagnetics

1.  A simple code for boundary element method (BEM).  M-file Download

2.  Electric field integral equation (EFIE) for scattering from 2-D PEC cylinder (TM wave).  M-file Download

3.  Magnetic field integral equation (MFIE) for scattering from 2-D PEC cylinder (TM wave).  M-file Download

4.  Electric field integral equation (EFIE) equation for scattering from 2-D dielectric cylinder (TM wave).  M-file Download

5.  Method of moment for antenna (introduction).  M-file Download

6.  A simple code for finite-difference (FD) method.  M-file Download

7.  A M function for the numerical evaluation of Hankel function with complex order.  M-file Download

8.  The rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA) for 2-D multilayered periodic structures.  M-file Download

9.  The volume integral equation (VIE) method for scattering from a dielectric sphere using dyadic Green's function.  M-file Download

10.  The finite-difference (FD) method for eigenvalue analysis of 2-D rectangular waveguide (TM modes).  M-file Download

11.  The 3-D vector finite-element method using edge elements.  M-file Download

12.  The 2-D volume integral equation-conjugate gradient fast Fourier transform method for scattering from 2-D dielectric cylinder (TM wave).  M-file Download